This blog represents my attempt to write in Japanese. This is all my own work and the many mistakes will remain mostly uncorrected unless someone comments on line.


Cold day in Melbourne

今朝 は たいへん さむい です。二 ど !!
きょう わたし は あたらしい はしご を 買いました。

明日 10きろ です。でも 私 の 足 まだ いたい。

This morning was very cold. Two degrees.

Today I purchased a new ladder.

Tomorrow I race 10Km. But my leg is still sore. 

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izumko said...



ところで、妹(younger sister)は、

Dear Jon-san,
Hello. How are you?
It looks cold in Melbourne.
Tokyo... it is over 27℃! Summer has come?! But it will be raining on coming weekend...

Please deliver the following message to your sister.
"Dear Deborah-san, Happy Birthday!"

Regarding to "younger sister" in Japanese, you write "i mo u to" and change it into KANJI. Please try it!

Have a nice weekend!!