This blog represents my attempt to write in Japanese. This is all my own work and the many mistakes will remain mostly uncorrected unless someone comments on line.


Doctor today/Healthy/lunch BB

いま たくさん かぜ です。すぐ 私 は 医者 に 行きます。いま げんき です と おもいます でも まだ 足 こっと いたい。
A very windy day today. Soon I am going to see the doctor. I am well I think although my leg is still a little sore.

すごい!私 は 癌 じゃ ない。Great!! I have not got cancer.

今日 私 は Buddahs Belly にいって ひる ごはん を たべます。
Today I will go to BB for lunch.
Looking forward to that.

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