This blog represents my attempt to write in Japanese. This is all my own work and the many mistakes will remain mostly uncorrected unless someone comments on line.


Obuse Half Marathon Too Hard !!

おぶせ は たいへん たいへん むずかしかった です !!!!とても あつい です。私 は とても わるい です。!!!!
でも。。。。。しゅまつ とても よかった です。私 は MIXED おんせん が だい すき です。

The Obuse race was very very hard. It was very hot. I was (ran) very bad!
But the weekend was very good. I really liked the mixed onsen (bath).

ありがとう まみさん とGARY!
Thanks Mami-san and Gary (organisers)
ありがとう COLIN 。
Thanks Colin (Driver).

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