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HOT Day/Movie/short run in the heat

きょう たいへん あつい です。映画 を 見ました。EASTERN PROMISES。よかったです。
Today is awfully hot. I went to the movies and saw Eastern Promises. It was very good.

6じ 私は ちょおと じょぎんぐ を しました。たいへん あつい です!!  28分 かん だけ。
でも ちょっと むずかしかった です。私 の あし だけ わ ちょっと いたい です。
At 6 O`clock I went for a short run. It was very hot. I only ran for 28 minutes.But it was very hard. My leg only hurts a little bit.

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メル said...

Hello, Jon-san,
It is really hot and humid, isn't it?
Your photo in the coffee shop is really nice! Where was it?

One correction:
だけ 28分 かん =I only ran for 28 minutes.

The order of the words is not correct.

...28分 かん だけ
"だけ=only" is placed at the end of the words.

See you soon!