This blog represents my attempt to write in Japanese. This is all my own work and the many mistakes will remain mostly uncorrected unless someone comments on line.


Dinner・Where is the sun?

昨日 私 の いもと と かのじょ の ともだち GORDON に 会いました。私たち は ITALIAN RESTAURANT に 行きました。とても たかい です。ありがとう GORDAN-さん。たのしかった です。
いま 雨 が ふって います。太陽 は どこ です か。
Yesterday I met my sister and her friend Gordon. We went to an Italian Restaurant.Very expensive. Thank you Gordon! We all had a good time.
It is now raining? Where is the sun?

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メル said...

Dear Jon-san,
You've got the gold medal at the race last weekend?!

Your Japanese is very nice!!
I must study English very hard!

Only one correction:

Have a nice day!