This blog represents my attempt to write in Japanese. This is all my own work and the many mistakes will remain mostly uncorrected unless someone comments on line.


Running OK/Japanese Film tonight.

今日 十 きろ を はしりました。昨日 じゅう きろ。よかった です。
いま えいが FESTIVAL に 行きます。日本 の えいが を 見ます。たのしみ。
Today I ran 10Km. 10Km yesterday.Thats good.
Now I am going to the Film Festival. I am going to see a Japanese film. I am looking forward to that.

いま 私 の せなか が げんき です。でも 私 の 足 ちょっと いたい。Now my back is healthy. But my leg is still a little sore.

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